Local favorite Andrae's Kitchen to be featured on the Travel Channel

WALLA WALLA, WA - A local restaurant will soon make its debut on the Travel Channel. Andrae's Kitchen will be featured on an episode of "Food Paradise."

It all started with an unexpected email.

"It had a weird subject title to it, and I kind of thought about hitting delete," said owner Andrae Bopp. "I just said, 'Well, let me click on the sender and see who it's from.'"

And once Bopp opened up the message and read it, it was a special invitation from Travel Channel.

His initial reaction?

"I was like, 'Holy smokes!" Bopp admitted. "I was proud, I was proud too, cause you know you always hope that somebody recognizes what you're doing and I think we do a pretty good job in here."

He says all of his workers have been preparing for the big day.

"Kind of excited and nervous at the same time," said General Manager, Brian Klure. "Just wondering how many more people that's going to bring in."

Andrae's Kitchen first started as a mobile food truck outside a gas station on Rose Street in Walla Walla, but in 2012 an opportunity came up and Bopp decided to make the transition from an outdoor food truck to an indoor restaurant.

"It was a learning curve initially, because usually when people come into a gas station, convenience store, they're expecting a certain style of food or certain price point. There was a learning curve for the first few months to get people to realize, 'Hey, we're a scratch kitchen and we're making everything here.'"

And since then, Andrae's Kitchen has been a popular restaurant of choice. Bopp says the inspiration behind his menu comes from Hispanic food, which clients really enjoy.

A camera crew will be shooting at Andrae's Kitchen on April 13 from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. 

A few of their specialty dishes are house smoked brisket, shrimp tacos, the Cuban sandwich, and Voodoo fries.

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