Local officer describes law enforcement response to crisis situations

Pasco, WA - For Officer Jeffrey Cobb with Pasco Police Department, the early morning hours of September 27th, 2016, started out as a typical Tuesday, but just before 5 a.m. that all changed. Officer Cobb, and two of his fellow officers heard a call come through the scanners for an emotionally distressed man on the Cable Bridge.

"We received information that a man was having a difficult emotional crisis and then we were dispatched to bridge.  Officer D'Aquila got there first, I arrived shortly after.  Our immediate goal was to maintain traffic safety and ensure the man was safe, but we saw he was actually outside of the railings and that was a massive concern and initiated a lot of different things after that," said Cobb.

A four and a half year veteran with the department, Officer Cobb has 40 hours of training for critical incident situations, learning from experts all over the Pacific Northwest.

"In our area we are massively interdependent agencies on a regional level.  We have a lot of tools and resources for communicating, de-escalating situations, and how to talk to people in extreme emotional crises, we are incredibly lucky that with our department almost all officers are trained in crisis response.  There are many classes taught by regional trainers, state trainers, and professionals in the behavioral mental health community. We are trying to humanize the situation, to try to utilize the different resources we have throughout the community," said Cobb.

Pasco Police Officers Cobb, D'Aquila, and Guzman, along with officers from Kennewick Police Department,  Troopers with Washington State Patrol, and Pasco Fire Department all responded to the Cable Bridge to help make sure the situation came to a happy, peaceful ending.

By working together, they were able to help the man, who is actually a veteran, get the professional assistance he needs.

"People call us during the worst time of their lives and when we have that successful outcome, when we are able to help people, keep them safe and moving forward in their lives.  To know that I'm part of bigger family and community that answers the call when someone needs help, knowing that they call my family and friends, it's an amazing feeling that you cant replicate," said Cobb.

Cobb says, he wants the entire community to know that he hopes everyone knows, they can always call Pasco Police and other law enforcement for help if they ever need it.

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