Man who brought gun onto CBC campus being held at $1M

5-7-18 UPDATE:

PASCO, WA - New information tonight on a man who pulled the fire alarm during trivia night at Columbia Basin College on Thursday

Jose Amezola appeared to be intoxicated when he started wandering into CBC and then pulled the fire alarm. CBC security officers quickly found Amezola and held him until police arrived. Once in custody, Amezola said he had left a gun near the flagpole at the Veterans monument. Pasco PD found the gun and arrested Amezola for assault and burglary.

Tyrone Brooks, the Vice President of Admistrative Services says he's very proud of how well his security officer handled the incident, and has some tips on how someone should respond to a situation like this.

"You should always be observant of your surroundings," Brooks said. "If someone seems out of place, then you have to make a decision. You can walk up and engage with the person. Are they lost? Do they have some kind of need that needs to be met?"

Brooks also says his security team was able to meet those needs by keeping Amezola engaged until Pasco officers could get there.

Amezola was booked into the Franklin County Jail for 1st degree attempted assault and burglary. His bail is set at a million dollars and he's also been banned from ever going on the CBC campus again. Amezola's court date is set for next Tuesday.



PASCO, WA - On the evening of Thursday, May 3, during a trivia event night in the CBC HUB, a male (who is not a CBC student) pulled a fire alarm. The male appeared to CBC Security to be under the influence of an intoxicant when contacted by a CBC Security Officer. Pasco Police responded following a 9-1-1 call from CBC Security, and the man was arrested for pulling the fire alarm.

Pasco Police identified the man as Jose Amezola. While in custody, Amezola admitted to possessing a gun near the CBC flagpole at the CBC Veterans Monument outside the HUB. Police located and secured the weapon. Amezola was arrested on suspicion of assault and burglary and placed in the Franklin County Jail. Pasco Police issued a no-trespass order for Amezola for the CBC campus.

CBC’s security officers and other CBC employees reacted with great precision and timeliness in locating the individual (Amezola) responsible for pulling the alarm and securing him until police arrived.

This incident is something we are taking very seriously and we’re working closely with the Pasco Police. For further details, please contact Pasco Police.

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