Material found between walls of double-shell tank could be radioactive

NEAR RICHLAND, Wash. - The early test results came back showing that the material is basically the same as the radioactive waste that's in the tank. The material was found in August during video surveillance of the area between the inner and outer shells, or the annulus. Since then, the material was found in at least two places within tank AY-102.

"The material is stable. We are putting a camera in there twice a week and we're monitoring it. We've seen no changes. It's contained within the annulus," said Lori Gamache of the Office of River Protection.

Gamache said that means none of the supposed radioactive materials has been found outside the double-shell tank and no other double-shell tanks have been found to have this same issue. 

Additional lab testing is currently being done and a technical panel will review the findings before officials make a decision on the status of the tank.

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