Miner's Drive-In celebrates 70 years with their sizable burgers

YAKIMA, WA - It's safe to say that Miner's Drive-In is well known in our region for its sizable burgers, and on Monday the family restaurant is celebrating a milestone.

Miner's is celebrating its 70th anniversary, which - just like their burgers - is a huge accomplishment for this family-owned burger joint.

Miner's opened back in 1948 with just the basics on the menu. David Miner, who now runs the restaurant with his sister, says they didn't even sell fries back then. The combo actually came with a bag of potato chips.

David says everything happened gradually. Over the years as the restaurant expanded, so did the menu, which now offers burgers, salads, nachos, and curly or regular fries. He says his great grandparents didn't anticipate Miner's becoming such a success, and tells us what has kept them in business throughout all these years.

"Really good people that work here, we have fantastic employees," David said. "There's a woman who works here Julie, she's been here almost 40 years and Al Louis, he's been here 25 years. A lot of people 15 to 20 years. Just awesome people that work here and care about this place; that's a major reason why we are successful."

Aside from the anniversary, the Miners were also celebrating a birthday. Monday was Lee Miner's birthday... he's the son of Ed and Irene Miner, who opened the restaurant 70 years ago when Lee was just 16.

It's the same recipe the restaurant has stuck with all these years - fresh ingredients for a fresh burger, because if something isn't broken then why bother fixing it?

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