New Fun Sport at Columbia Park: Footgolf

A hot new sport has made it to the Tri-Cities.  

Kennewick Mayor Steve Young helped kickoff foot golf at Columbia Park Golf Links Wednesday May 20th.

"Well I've learned two things. Foot golf requires a lot more energy through out the body just instead of using a club. And secondly putting is no different, it's hard to put. But we had a great time. It was fun." said Kennewick Mayor Steve Young.

To pay you use a soccer ball and kick it down the course to a hole much like golf but without the clubs.

Mayor Young actually played a few holes and says it was a learning experience for him.

Adam Pohll is a PGA instructor and he says they've seen a spike in interest for foot golf which is good news for the golf course's bottom line.

"It's been taking off, we've seen anywhere from 500 extra rounds a year to 4 or 5 thousand extra rounds a year. And in a golf climate like we are in right now the rounds are pretty flat. Any additional revenue you can see for your golf course and for your client or the city of Kennewick is fantastic." said Pohll,

If you want to check it out.. the cost is 10 dollars for adults five dollars for kids and soccer ball rentals are two dollars.