New Kadlec music program helping kids heal

RICHLAND, WA - The pediatric floor at Kadlec just got a little bit happier, and a whole lot more musical.

We've all heard the phrase "laughter is the best medicine," and now thanks to the My Music Rx Program, doctors at Kadlec have another tool to help make their patients healthy again.

Watching the kids play with the instruments, it's easy to believe that they're all as perfectly healthy as kids should be. And that right there is exactly what the program hopes to do: help kids battling illnesses forget that they're in a hospital and just be kids again.

In addition to brightening the day of their patients, program organizers say it can help the entire family.

"When you're able to help the kid who is in bed but also their brother and sister who are bored on the side of the room, Mom and Dad who are stressed because they're missing work and they have a young one who is sick," said Jennifer Jones with Kadlec Regional Hospital. "We're able to help the whole family to engage together and participate in music and have fun and build a memory while they're here."

The My Music Rx Program started in Portland and has spread to hospitals across the country, but Kadlec is the first hospital not in a major city to get the program.

So how can you help?

Right now, the hospital is looking for volunteers who can commit to a couple hours a week.

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