North Spokane homicide suspect arrested in Tri-Cities

KENNEWICK: A homicide investigation crossed county lines Saturday morning as a suspect was finally arrested in the Tri-Cities. 

It all started in North Spokane. On Thursday, March 8th, police got a call from someone saying they heard a gunshot and saw a car speeding away, and shortly after they got another call from Holy Family Hospital, saying a man had shown up in a car carrying another man who was dead. 

The Spokane Police Department alerted the Kennewick Police Department to be on the lookout for the suspect of this crime. Now three days later, the Kennewick police department spotted the vehicle in Tri-Cities, and earlier this morning the suspects somehow ended up at a home just off of Kennewick Avenue. 

Today the standoff happened on the 600 block of West Kennewick Avenue- which is in between South Carmichael Drive and Fruitland Street. 

Two hours after police arrived to the scene the bomb squad did set off a flash bang, startling the suspects inside the home. Shortly after the suspects came out. Sargent Kiel says officers did not find any firearms on the two men, but of course, had to be prepared for the worst..

Kennewick police confirmed that the arrested 33-year-old Marcus Arevalo, was tied to the March 8th shooting . They also have another man, whose name has not been released, in custody as part of the investigation..  


Kennewick Ave. between Fruitland St. and Carmichael was closed for about 3 hours but has since been re-opened.

 Police say no one was injured and there is no danger to the community. 


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