Nurses hold a BBQ to strengthen nurse-to-patient relationships

YAKIMA, WA - Local nurses gathered at a rally and barbeque at Milroy Park to try and bring the nurses and community together.

After Yakima Regional Hospital was bought by a larger company, the nurses say they work longer hours and have shorter breaks, which resulted in a decline in nurse-to-patient relationships.

The new contract has been under negotiation since earlier in the year in hopes of bringing back to close-knit care that once strengthened the relationships between nurses and their patients.

"The community is behind us; I mean the patients tell us all the time how much they appreciate us and the community does tell us that," Kitt Ruchert told us, an ICU nurse and part of the WSNA negotiating team. "But we need to have more support; we need to send a bigger, louder message and hopefully tonight at the rally, we'll be able to do that." 

Everyone was invited to come down and join the nurses in this rally that went from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday, July 25.

Guest speakers such as Mayor Gutierrez, the WSNA President, and many others attended.

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