Officials Release Name of Man Shot in Selah Standoff

UPDATE/SELAH, WA - 30-year-old Jessie Humphrey was shot and killed Friday evening after a long standoff involving multiple police departments, Yakima Co. Sheriff deputies and Washington State Patrol.

The Yakima County Coroner's Office says Humphrey died of multiple gun shot wounds but would not disclose how many times he was shot. Investigators are on scene Saturday gathering evidence.


SELAH, WA - What started as a search warrant inside a Selah motor home, turned into a deadly shoot out.

Yakima County Sheriff's Deputies say a car prowl incident earlier Friday led them to a motor home on Rushmore Road on Friday.

Deputies took five people into custody, but tell us one man refused to come out. That one man then shot at officers, who quickly returned fire.

Deputies say they waited for the Yakima Police SWAT Unit to arrive and communicated with the suspect over the phone.

Deputies say the man agreed to come outside, but he also brought along his gun.

"At that time he opened fire. There were more shots exchanged. The suspect was shot and at this time the information I have is that he is deceased," said Deputy Chief John Durand.

The sheriff's office did not identify either the man who was killed or the officers who fired. Deputies say no officers were hurt, but several patrol cars were damaged by gunshots.


Durand says an iPhone taken in the car prowl was tracked to the Selah property.


SELAH, WA - The man involved in a stand-off with law enforcement in Selah is now dead.

Officers say they were at a mobile home on Rushmore Rd. serving a search warrant because he was a theft suspect. He refused to come outside and eventually began shooting at officers. Officers fired back, injuring the man. No officers were hurt.


SELAH, WA -  Multiple agencies are responding to an incident in Selah right now.

We've heard reports of shots fired along the 200 block of Rushmore Road. Currently, there are over a dozen patrol cars there, including a SWAT team, Selah Police, Yakima Police, and Yakima County Deputies.

Officers have armed themselves with large weapons and bullet proof vests.

We have a reporter at the scene and will bring you more information as we get it.

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