Pain-free living in the Tri-Cities

KENNEWICK, WA.-- Chronic pain happens when pain becomes a disease, lasting much longer than it ever should, and impacting simple, everyday tasks.

However, people from all over the state have gotten rid of that chronic pain after working with the doctors at Lynx Healthcare. It seems that word has spread, and people from hours away are flocking to the Tri-Cities to get the care they need.

"Patients are actually coming from Seattle to see us," Dr. Daniel Smith told KNDU, "and most often, people from Eastern Washington, they're having to go to Seattle for things. I want the reverse to happen!"

Lynx Healthcare uses techniques like stem cell injections and fluoroscopy, which uses low-level x-rays and ultra sounds to see the exact spots where pain is stemming from, to help their patients deal with the pain that's been plaguing them.

Doctor Smith's goal, he said, is to use the center's treatments to get people off of opiate pain killers, which are meant to be a short term solution, and keep them pain-free. 

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