Palencia Wine: moving its roots to Kennewick's Wine Village

KENNEWICK, WA - The much-anticipated Kennewick Wine Village is making progress. There will be two wineries once it's open. Reporter Jaclyn Selesky got the scoop about what makes one of them so unique.

Following a dream. It's the message behind Palencia Wine. The Walla Walla company is moving its headquarters to Kennewick's Wine Village. It may have been a hectic few months with this past winter causing construction setbacks, but Victor Palencia is excited to build this space from the group up with his vision in mind. Everything about their wine features their signature logo, the Monarch butterfly, everything from the way the space will look, to their wine labels and ultimately to their environmentally-friendly packaging.

"The eco-friendly approach has always been something dear to me," said Palenica. "Especially with our brand with the Monarch butterflies. With them becoming endangered, we want to be conscious about what we do with our environment and our area, so it was just a natural fit for us."

Palencia told us he had to temporarily stop distributing the Astropaqs because of space issues, but they'll continue making them once they open up the wine village.

The Port of Kennewick is hoping to have the grand opening by this fall.

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