Parking and pedestrians prohibited along US 2 Stevens Pass

STEVENS PASS, WA - The Washington State Patrol would like to remind motorists that shoulder parking along US 2 at Stevens Pass is both illegal and unsafe. Motorists who park illegally are subject to a $136 parking ticket and the impound of their vehicle. Park in designated lots only.

When motorists park their vehicles on the shoulder, it prevents the Washington State Department of Transportation from effectively plowing the highway. Shoulder parking also creates congestion, which could cause vehicles to have to stop in avalanche zones.

Pedestrian traffic is also prohibited on US 2 at Stevens Pass. As backcountry skiing becomes more popular, skiers have found themselves coming down onto US 2. A pedestrian walking back to the summit has no escape route from an errant vehicle. Motorists who stop to pick up pedestrians can become stuck and unable to regain traction, causing more congestion. This blocks traffic and creates an increased risk of collisions.

Pedestrians who are contacted along US 2 Stevens Pass could face up to a $136 ticket.

These restrictions are from Tunnel Creek on the west side of Stevens Pass to Yodelin on the east side (mileposts 60.15 to 66.24).

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