People in Yakima can now pay utility bills online

YAKIMA, Wash.-- People in Yakima can now pay their utility bills online, thanks to an update to the city's website.

When you receive your bill in the mail, you can now go to the city's site and enter in your account number to pay.

There's also an option to make scheduled payments for people who may be heading out of town for a while.

The upgrade is a response to the city's recent citizen survey. Staffers say they want to make it easier for people to connect with city departments.

"Make it more convenient for the citizens to pay their bills and actually become more modern along with the rest of the world," said Wayne Wantland with the City of Yakima.

The city is also introducing Yak Back, a new feature that lets people ask the city any question and get an answer within two business days.

There is also a mobile version for phones that lets people report problems like potholes.

They can also send pictures and pinpoint the problem with GPS.

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