PlayLive Nation Now Open in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, WA - There's a new video gaming hot spot in the Tri-Cities.

PlayLive Nation opened its doors Wednesday inside the Columbia Center Mall in Kennewick.

There are 28 giant TV screens to play video games while you relax in a lounge like setting.

It is also a store selling video gaming merchandise, other card and board games as well as a repair shop.

"We have 21 X-box 1's.. Pretty much every title you could think of for X-box 1. Super fast internet and all that jazz. And you come in and buy chunks of time, it starts at $9.99 for one hour, the more you buy though the cheaper it becomes. And what ever you don't use that you purchased is always saved until you come back in," says Alec Carpenter, Operations Manager at PlayLive Nation.  

PlayLive Nation also hosts parties, tournaments and offers memberships.

There's also a store at the Valley Mall in Union Gap.

For more information on PlayLive Nation, click here.

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