Preventing porch pirate thefts

NBC RIGHT NOW- Within the next few holiday months not only does online shopping increase but so do package thefts.There's a few things you can do to make sure you prevent porch pirates from stealing your holiday packages.

The Yakima Police Department recommends talking with your neighbors to see if you can have packages dropped at their house while you're out. 

"Look out for your neighbor. Have your neighbor look out for you, if you're expecting a package have it delivered to a neighbors or someone you trust," Lt. Mike Pollard tells me. 

U.S. Postal Service has several recommendation as well:

  • Don't leave packages out for too long
  • Use the 'Hold for Pickup' option and have packages pick up at your local post office
  • If you're leaving town use the "hold mail' option you can sign up for on
  • Customize your delivery online using your tracking number
  • Use USPS customized delivery options like Signature Delivery

Local law enforcement encourages homeowners to put security cameras around their home as well for added protection. 

Cameras not only can help deter thefts from happening, but if a porch pirate does swoop your goods you can turn pictures or videos in to the police for their help in finding your stolen goods. 

"You always have your camera. Everyone has a phone, have it on you always be ready to take a picture," says Lt. Pollard. If security cameras aren't in your budget, snapping a picture on your phone helps prevent thefts as well.

YPD recommends staying vigilant. If you see something suspicious call 9-1-1.

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