Ranchers in Yakima County filing lawsuit over Range 12 Fire

YAKIMA COUNTY, WA.-- On January 25, a group of cattle ranchers in Yakima County filed a lawsuit against the United States, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Army for the repercussions of the Range 12 Fire of 2016. 

According to court documents, the fire began at the Yakima Training Center on July 30th, and destroyed more than 150,000 acres, including the land and property belonging to these ranchers.

On the day the fire began, training center personnel decided to do exercises that involved live ammunition, despite the fact that there was a Red Flag Warning in effect. The ammo being fired is listed as the cause of the blaze, and now, the ranchers are suing the people in charge on eight different counts, including negligence and recklessness, strict liability, and trespassing.    

The documents also say that according to a report provided by the U.S. Army, the Training Center has had five significant fires since 1987, the majority of which have been caused by people, including this one. 

We will update this story with more details as we get them. 

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