Hanford Medical Provider Says Difficult to Confirm Worker Reports of Chemical Vapor Exposure

UPDATE: One Hanford worker received precautionary medical evaluation today for symptoms from an odors-related event outside TX Farm Tuesday morning accprdomg tp WRPS.

The individual did not report odors but experienced symptoms and went to the onsite medical clinic. Two other workers also in the vicinity of TX Farm reported odors, experienced no symptoms and declined precautionary medical evaluation.

Workers left the job location, and access to the area was restricted.


PREVIOUS: HANFORD, WA - Two of three workers reported smelling the odors outside the TX farm.

Technicians are now collecting air samples to be analyzed.

WRPS said in a series of tweets their procedure for odor events "If an 'odor event' occurs in a tank farm, steps are taken to address safety of workers first, and the event is investigated.  As a precautionary measure, work stops and is put into safe configuration while workers exit the tank farm or area and access is restricted.  Workers have the choice to go to medical or may be sent for evaluation while industrial hygienists collect air samples in the area. Samples are analyzed to determine presence of chemical concentrations & if none reach action levels, access is restored."


PREVIOUS: HANFORD, WA - WRPS confirmed an odor event was declared outside of TX Farm Tuesday morning.

So far the number of workers reporting odors is unknown. 

Workers left the work location and access to the immediate area is restricted according to Rob Roxburgh with Washington River Protection Solutions.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Senator Ron Wyden visit to speak on Hanford issues

We will continue to follow this story and update this when we know more.

47 workers have been evaluated as a precautionary measure due to reported odors or symptoms at the on-site medical facility since April 28. 

Hanford workers seek medical evaluations from events in late April

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