Richland Public Library crippled by cyber attack

RICHLAND, WA - What do Twitter, Netflix, and Amazon have in common with the Richland Public Library? They're all on the same server being cyber attacked.

A national cyber attack on DYN, the internet trafficking company, has made for an interesting day at the Richland Public Library.

"It directly affected us immediately this morning," said Daurice Siller, IT Support Specialist.

The cyber attack completely crippled the inner library system which is housed on the east coast where all of this started. So what does that mean for the library employees?

"We have to check everything out manually," said Siller. "Meaning these girls over here, they have to write down every single thing you check out by hand. Every number that's on the back of the book."

Unfortunately, the IT team can't do much damage control from Richland.

"There's nothing we can do," said Siller. "The DYN service provider is doing everything."

From a large corporation's standpoint, this is a nightmare, but locally, they're looking on the bright side.

"It's kind of like how libraries used to be," said Siller. "When everything was written down."

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