Safety Tips for Cyber Monday

NBC RIGHT NOW- Cyber Monday is one of the biggest online shopping days across the country, but the Better Business Bureau and a computer expert from Alpha Computer Center shared tips on how to stay safe while shopping on the internet.

Cyber Monday is a great chance to steal some good deals, but there is a risk someone can steal your information if shoppers are not careful.  The Better Business Bureau and a local computer expert explains how to shop safely.

Just when we thought the big shopping race ended, people will line up their fingers to the keyboard and will get ready to add items to their carts.  Frank Ward, owner of Alpha Computer Center in Richland suggests that shoppers watch out for those "too good to be true" deals.

"There are a lot of them out there offering great bargains, but the lowest price on the internet may in fact be the most expensive for you," said Ward.

The BBB agrees.  A piece of advice they have is to simply read the fine print because there could be hidden fees.  They recommend to only use trusted sites.  Shoppers can look for the BBB seal and can click it to confirm that they are on a valid site.

Ward said there are certain types of systems to avoid.

"...public systems, shared systems, and public Wi-Fi still should be avoided.  That's the back door into your life if you don't handle it properly," said Ward.

He explained that before shoppers start, they should make sure software is up to date and their computer is protected.

"At Alpha here, we've noticed over and over again, security breeches on the user's side by simply not taking advantage of the technology that's built into their system, providing them protection, password protection, and other securities," said Ward.

While shopping online this Monday may seem exciting and convenient, take these safety tips into consideration to keep your joy this holiday season. 

Here is the link for the BBB's 10 Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping. 


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