Scammers send out graphic images using What's App

PASCO, WA - In a digital age, there are many platforms out there that allow you to connect and chat with your friends and family - even if they live across the world.

"What's App'' is just one of those apps that let's you chat with anyone by sending text messages, pictures, short videos and even your location.

Typically apps like these are supposed to connect family and friends together, but one Pasco resident fell victim to a graphic scam using this app.

Pasco PD shared a Facebook post on Thursday, saying a scammer a resident a message asking for money with a video attached. The video shows gruesome murders with several men bleeding out, and some being attacked with knives - all near a run-down street.

"Their head is cut off; a graphic death," Sergeant Scott Warren said. "The message says, 'if you don't pay, then this will happen to you.' It's just another form of IRS money owed scam."

Sgt. Warren says at this time they don't believe the videos were taken here locally, and someone could have  pulled the graphic videos from YouTube.

If you're ever in a situation like this, then do not give them money. Instead get your local police department involved so they can figure out where it's coming from.

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