Sculpture exhibit in Kennewick honoring black heroes during Black History Month

KENNEWICK, WA - Russell Wilson, Jimi Hendrix and even Elson Floyd are all hanging out in Kennewick this month. Sort of, obviously. It's a special exhibit inside You and I Framing and Gallery thanks to local artist Michael Salazar.

Salazar wanted to do something special for Black History Month. He has worked on these sculptures over the years and each bust takes several weeks to finish completely. He recently put the exhibit together to honor black men and women of all eras.

"We have so many heroes, black heroes, that need to be recognized," said Salazar. "I think in every facet of life there's a hero: in music, athleticism, it goes on and on. So why not make my contribution?"

Salazar's sculptures will be at You and I Framing and Gallery all through February. If you would like to check it out, the shop is in downtown Kennewick at 214 W. 1st Avenue.

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