Selah High School students talk about their inauguration trip

01/25/17 UPDATE:

SELAH, WA - Students from Selah High School are back in school after going to Washington D.C. for President Trump's inauguration last Friday.

The students said that traveling to Washington D.C. and witnessing Donald Trump get sworn in as president was an experience like no other.

"I think it was an amazing experience," said student Daniel Flores, "especially being across the country, that was just like a dream."

"You got to be around the crowd, you got to feel the people's voices, you got to hear the little things you don't hear on TV," said student Adrian Au.

For the nineteen students and two teachers, the trip wasn't just focused on the inauguration, it was also about exploring D.C.

"We saw every site on our itinerary," said English teacher Christina Thew. "I don't think that we could have packed anything else in there."

"We visited the holocaust museum, different memorials, the Washington Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial," said Flores.

"The cathedral was just the most beautiful building you have ever seen," student Alex Arambul said, "and only seeing it could actually explain how beautiful it was."

Apart from sightseeing, it was also about learning.

"Every site that we went to had some kind of connection to things that the students had learned in the classroom," said Thew.

"It was educational in a huge amount of ways," said Dave Dwyer. "Just seeing democracy in action, to seeing how much they can grow as a person."

Even though the trip is over and done, it will be more than just a memory for the students, but a life-changing experience they will cherish for the rest of their lives.



SELAH, WA - From one Washington to another: next week, nineteen students and two teachers from Selah High School will be traveling to D.C. to witness Donald Trump get sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

"I'm pretty excited," said Adrian Au, a Junior at Selah High School. "I am very astonished and happy and lucky that I get to go."

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so it's going to be pretty exciting," said Laura Guillen, a Junior as well.

The students take off on Tuesday, and with them will be English teacher Christina Thew.

"They're going to remember this for their entire life, where as they may not be able to remember a lesson that I taught them last week," said Thew. "This is something that is going to stay with them and something they'll be able to tell their kids about."

The students are able to attend the inauguration through the World Strides Discoveries Program, but students weren't just handed the trip...they had to work for it.

"We did a lot of fundraising over the summer," said Guillen. "We did bake sales and we did paint nights."

In the end, the group raised a total of $13,000, which payed for most of the students' expenses.

The trip wasn't planned recently, but last April, before final candidates and the present-elect were selected.

"The inauguration is just one of the events that we are going to be taking part in on our trip," Thew said. "It isn't solely about the presidential inauguration, this is about an experience for the kids." 

Thew says it's about learning outside of the classroom, visiting landmarks, and having a once-in-a-lifetime experience that students will remember forever.

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