Selah seniors walk through their old school

SELAH, WA - A real life 'flashback Friday' happened for seniors at Selah High School this morning. There was an adorable celebration at John Campbell Primary School that had some students reminiscing about the past and a whole lot more getting a glimpse into their futures.

In the middle of the school day, hundreds of kids and their teachers lined the hallways at John Campbell, waiting patiently for guests of honor covered in blue and draped in gold. The students were the first to celebrate high school graduation with dozens of Selah seniors.

"It was really fun to see all the little kids and the teachers that we used to have and to just be in the school that some of us actually grew up in," said Amy Okelberry, a Selah High School senior.

Kindergarten, first, and second graders were cheering and clapping. Some even had pom poms. And there were plenty of high fives to go around.

"It's so fun to see how enthusiastic all the little kids are," said senior Katelyn Piguet. "They're so happy to see us, it just makes it so much fun."

There were specific moments that were particularly special for Okelberry and Piguet who got gifts as they walked the halls.

"I got this poster from my nephew, Caleb," Piguet said. "He made it for me last night. He's just super excited to see me walk through and graduate."

"I TA'd for a class here," said Okelberry. "Ms. Moritz's second grade classroom, and they gave me these flowers which was really nice of them."

The other half of the senior class walked through the halls of the Selah Intermediate School. This was actually the second year of this event, but if the smiling faces on both the teens and young elementary students is any indication, it probably won't be the last.

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