Selah 4th grader, entrepreneur goes to national competition for invention

SELAH, WA - Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Albert Einstein are some of the most famous inventors in history. In Selah, there's an extremely young and not-so-famous inventor, but at just 10 years old she has made some history.

Selah Intermediate School student Genavieve Gamache was hooked the first time she dissected an owl pellet last school year in third grade. Owl pellets are the fur, feathers, and bones owls spit up because their stomachs can't digest it.

Genavieve would go out hunting for owl pellets on her family's farm, but when she'd find them she realized there was a problem.

"When I dissected one at home I didn't have all the tools that I needed and that led to the beginning of my invention," the fourth grader said.       

Genavieve started working back in January on her invention - the perfect owl pellet education kit - with one goal in mind.

"Help teachers, students and parents without having to go hunt for the needed supplies for dissecting an owl pellet."

It took a lot of hours and some trial and error, but eventually she had the ultimate pellet kit complete with tweezers, gloves, a bone collection shadow box and three bone charts.

"It lines up [like that] and you just take the owl pellet and dissect it and match the bones," Genavieve explained.

Then she started presenting her perfect owl pellet education kit at competitions, and she earned "Best of Show" honors at the Invent Washington State Competition that secured her a spot at the National Invention Convention last week in Michigan.

"It's like really cool because there's a lot of different ideas in the world."

108,000 students from 33 states and two countries competed to go to nationals. Genavieve was just one of 450 kids who were invited; and although she didn't win at nationals, she still came away from the experience a winner with a deeper passion for science that could find its way into her career as an adult.

"I want to be a science teacher and a nurse, but I don't know which one I want to do because they're (both) just cool," she admitted.

Genavieve is also an entrepreneur, and with her mom's help turned her invention into a small business. She's now selling her owl pellet education kits in her Etsy store, Owl Eats LLC.

A link to her store here:

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