Sheriffs arrest two people in Richland drug bust

RICHLAND, WA - The Benton County Sheriff's Office Gang Team made a drug bust this morning in Richland that ended with two people being arrested.

Reporter Karly Tinsley was there when it started around 6:45 this morning on the 2000 block of Cascade Avenue. The police have actually been purchasing heroin from this location, and this morning they came to the house with a search warrant.

When they got there, they found more evidence of heroin, so they ended up calling a judge to amend their warrant so they could search the entire property.

Benton County Sheriffs ended up arresting 34-year-old Matthew Gilbert for unlawful delivery of a controlled substance and a misdemeanor warrant. They also arrested 23-year-old Kristin Link for a felony warrant.

Among the narcotics, officers also found a small dog who was taken by the Sheriffs to be given to animal control.

As of right now, Gilbert is in Benton County Jail and Link is in Franklin County Jail.

Richland Police and the U.S. Marshall's Service also assisted in the search warrant of this house that is about two blocks away from an elementary school. Benton County Sheriff's says this investigation is still ongoing and more arrests and charges are anticipated.

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