Yakima firefighters rescue man and his dog

YAKIMA, WA - Firefighters say a sprinkler system prevented more damage inside John I Haas hops warehouse on the 1700 Gordon Road. 

Responding units found dark smoke coming from one of the warehouses just before 1:30 Monday morning. Firefighters had to use thermal imaging to find their way through the thick dark smoke. 

They found several pallets of processed hops burning about 20 feet inside the door.  

Eventually they got it out and used forklifts and shovels to get the burned product outside the building. 

The fire caused about $10,000 in damage to the hops and $10,000 to the building. Firefighters say the sprinkler system and quick response of the fire department helped minimize the damage. 

Investigators say spontaneous combustion started the fire. 

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