Spreading happiness through a store: Choose Happy Clothing

KENNEWICK, WA - One clothing store in Kennewick is doing much more than selling t-shirts. The family-owned business is a small shop in the neighborhood with a big message. 

Reporter Jaclyn Selesky learned that Choose Happy Clothing is not your typical clothing store. Inside, you'll find interactive ways to spread positivity, and maybe even be a part of the design process.

"It's really, really easy to go negative, but it's harder to choose happy," said Katie Stemp, owner of Choose Happy Clothing.

Which is why Katie and Corey Stemp are trying to make choosing happy as easy as possible. The Stemps are the owners of Print Warehouse in Kennewick, but there newest addition to their business is their clothing store.

"Instead of all of the negative stuff that you see, people putting each other down, we wanted a space where people could come and just forget about that and maybe wear their reminder to choose happy on their clothing," said Stemp.

Their positive message is saturated throughout their store through their clothes, their kindness rocks project, and their random acts of kindness board.

"It's just another way for our store to be kind of a forum for our ideas on how to spread kindness and happiness," said Stemp.

The best part about their unique store is that you can pretty much design your own clothes, just as long as you leave your positive thought on the board before you go.

"So we ask people what makes you happy and we try to make a shirt based off of that," said Stemp. "So really it's our customers that give us our ideas."

Showing, not telling, how a little kindness goes a long way.

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