Staff and Students Continue Mourning Loss of Walla Walla Drama Teacher

WALLA WALLA, WA- The district's grieving program, GriefBusters, continued to help students cope with the death of Walla Walla High School Drama teacher, Brian Senter.

Senter died Saturday night after he was hit hit by a pick-up truck on Reser Road driven by the Port of Walla Walla's Executive Director Jim Kuntz.

GriefBusters hoped to get a jump start on helping students before returning to class Monday.

Some of those students even commented on NBC Right Now's Facebook page.  One student said, "I just got his class this year and it hurts so bad that he's gone."

The district's counselor and lead for GriefBusters said they provided safe rooms for students to heal along with various activities, like writing, to help them express their feelings. 

Cougar Henderson, a recent graduate of Walla Walla High School, has been in six productions put on by Senter.  He is overwhelmed with emotions and the counselor said that is the case for most other students as well.

"The whole time looking at Brian's desk, I expected him to walk in.  I expected to turn around and hear his voice in the back of the theater.  Those are emotions that you can't convey, it's just disbelief," said Henderson.

"...really sad, really quiet, and very respectful.  We are very fortunate that we had as many hands on deck as we did yesterday to help with planning and preparation.  this morning went really smooth," said Angie Gardea, counselor with GriefBusters.

The counselors expect to help the students as long as needed.

The Walla Walla County Sheriff's Office said there is no new information about the incident.  Kuntz, the driver of the pick-up that killed Senter, was cooperative and tested negative for drugs and alcohol. 


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