Starting Over in Tri City: A Tyler Massey Story

Pasco, WA---

        The players that come to the Yakima Bears and Tri-City Dust Devils are the best of the best from colleges and high schools around the country.  Many of them have never struggled on a baseball diamond.   One Dust Devils players has found out the hard way just how tough pro ball is.

        Tri-City Outfielder Tyler Massey, thought at this point in his baseball career he'd be swinging for Colorado.  Not Tri-City.  A class a short season Rockies affiliate.

     Massey said, "I feel like I just got to make the most of it, and keep chasing after my dreams."

     Massey was drafted out of high school in 2008.  The following year he began playing Single-A ball at Asheville. The club demoted Massey to Tri-City this season, after he batted .200 in 20 games, hoping the 21-year-old could find his swing again.

     Massey said, "Initially it's disappointing to get sent... To get demoted I guess. I feel like early on coming out of high school I had very high expectations. To just come out and do very well at each level."

     Maybe Massey just needed the Tri-City, to re-launch his pro baseball career.  He's currently hitting .291 entering Tuesday night's game.  His highest batting average since he began playing in the minors in 2008.

     Massey added, "What you got to learn is that you're going to have ups and downs along the way. Especially in this game of baseball. The club still believes in me, and they haven't given up on me at all. That shows in the fact that I'm still here, and I'm playing.">

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