Students at Columbia Basin College raise disability awareness

PASCO, Wash. - Students at Columbia Basin College experienced a few of the challenges that people with disabilities face every day.

It was all part of disability awareness day.

A wheelchair obstacle course was set up in CBC's student center giving students a chance to understand that people in wheelchairs need space and open pathways. 

The goal of the event was to show that people with disabilities are not inferior.

"A lot of the spacing was actually not very easy to turn around, so I'd say that's probably a really difficult thing for them to have to go around those things on a daily basis," said Erick Mercado, a student that completed the obstacle course.

Students with disabilities also talked about how their lives are affected and how they are constantly working to overcome their disability.

"People take for granted what they can do and that's to walk and stuff. So for them to get the chance to see what we can't do and how hard it can be sometimes, I love that we give them that chance," said Casey Kasselder, a CBC student.

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