YAKIMA, Wash. - The Sun Kings won the CBA Championship this year, and led the league in attendance. So you can imagine the surprise for general manager Diana Juarez when she found out she was being terminated.

Juarez got a letter Saturday notifying her she was being let go by the Yakama Nation, which bought the team two years ago. Juarez, who also works for Aspen Reality, believes the Yakama Nation has wanted to put one of their own in charge. "It was always something out in the distance that I knew might happen," Juarez explained. "Yakima was very graceful in leaving the staff in place for along time. That doesn't mean the long-term goal wasn't to hire from within."

Calls to the Yakama Nation's Ralph Sampson Jr. were not returned, but he told the Yakama Herald-Republic that he he'll comment once Juarez's replacement is named next week.

All of this caught Juarez off-guard. "It knocked the wind out of me," she said. "Even though I understand some of the rationale behind the decision, I'm certainly disappointed. But we accomplished a lot and I have no regrets. My hope would have been to last longer. I have a lot of love for the Sun Kings. I wish the organization nothing but success."

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