Sword Wielding Man Crashes Into Patrol Cars

FINLEY, WA - A sword wielding man driving over 100 mph rammed into two police vehicles Tuesday morning.

"They're very heavy vehicles that are well equipped." explained Benton County Sheriff Steve Keane. "To see a patrol vehicle hit so hard that it actually flies through the air and lands upside down on top of another patrol car…" It was something he did not think his department would be dealing with Tuesday.

It all started on East Bowles Road in Finley where his deputies responded to a domestic disturbance. 33 year-old Shane Deweber was trying to get inside a house.  He pulled out a sword and threatened officers when they arrived. They tazed him but it did not stop Deweber who took off sword in hand in his pickup.

Officers tried to lay down spike strips to pop Deweber's tires and stop him. Before they could, he rammed his way into the patrol cars sending them flying. According to the sheriff, Deweber's family said he was going to take his own life and the lives of the officers.

"It was just by the grace of god that our deputy and the Kennewick police officer were able to run from their vehicles into a yard," said Keane.

"I went out there and they had somebody in the back of the pickup," said Larry Zunker whose fence was destroyed when the vehicles crashed in his front yard. "They told me to go back to the house so I left."

Deweber is in ICU at Kennewick General Hospital facing attempted burglary, multiple counts of felony assault on the officers and eluding charges. As for the damages Zunker thinks his fence might cost around $1,000 to repair. Kennewick police tell us their brand new vehicles with all the gear inside run about 45 to $50,000. The computers inside are $6,000 alone.

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