The history of Allan Bros. Fruit in Naches

NACHES, WA - Allan Bros. Fruit is a giant in the small town of Naches. The company has been around for nearly 100 years and earlier this week we took a tour of their warehouse that's extremely busy right now with the beginning of cherry season.

Originally from Scotland and Europe, the Allan family immigrated from Canada into the U.S., settling in the Naches Valley in the early 1900s. 

"They grew at that time a variety of row crops and dairy and in the 1920s, roughly around that area, started planting tree fruit," said Miles Kohl, CEO of Allan Bros. 

No one knows how the family ended up here, but they decided to stay. And nearly a century later, a third generation owns Allan Bros. Fruit.

"What the Allans did that was really smart is they always passed on ownership to the family members that were engaged in the company," Kohl said. "What that does is it really allows that passion for what the business is to continue on."

Today, more than 2,000 people work for Allan Bros., which significantly impacts Naches.

"We don't just write checks to be a part of the community; we're actively engaged in the community," Kohl explained. "My hope is the community sees that and is responding to that."

Apples and cherries can be found in stores across the U.S. and in countries like Canada, Taiwan, China, and Vietnam.

"We put a lot of understanding into growing that product that people really go into a store and want to look for."

And just like the Allan family, passionate about farming and the fruits they grow, the same can be said for all of their employees.

"The Allans have really instilled a couple of basic philosophies, and that is we want to provide products of value and we want to do it in innovative ways."

The Naches warehouse just continues to grow. Currently they're building a new apple packing line and four years ago Allan Bros. ventured into the wine industry after buying Sagemoor Vineyards near Pasco.

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