The Rules of Yard Sales Vary, Depending on Your City

KENNEWICK, Wash. - As the weather warms up and more people are spring cleaning - one man's trash becomes another man's treasure. But yard sales are regulated.

In Pasco, you actually need a permit in order to legally sell your old stuff.

"It's probably easiest just to remember a couple of numbers: two and 24. Two yard sales per address per year and two days for each of your two yard sales," said Rick White with the city of Pasco.

The '24' references that permit, which you need within 24 hours of your sale. You can also put up your signs 24 hours before but you also have to take them down 24 hours after.

In Kennewick you don't need a permit. Yard sales there are also only allowed twice a year per address but they can go five days in a row. 

In Richland there are no yard sale rules but in all three city's, the signs must be picked up in a timely manner.

"I think rules on garage sales are good to an extent. I think they don't want people to hoard stuff. If people save and then their yards start getting junky. For like the neighborhood and the community. It's just too much," said a Kennewick woman holding a yard sale Friday, Tina Marvin.

Not only are there rules, there is also yard sale etiquette.

"You have to barter! Garage sales are give and take. You can't put a certain price on something and expect to get it. Because people are out for a bargain. That's why it's called garage saling," said Nyomi Fraker, another woman holding a yard sale.

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