The search for missing hiker Kris Fowler reaches one-year mark

YAKIMA, WA - Tonight marks one year since Kris Fowler went missing while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail here in Washington, and his family is still looking for answers.

"My heart says he's, you know, in a commune braiding hair...and my head says that he's on that mountain missing somewhere," said Kris's stepmother, Sally Fowler.

The last known photo of Kris was taken on October 12, 2016 on the Pacific Crest Trail, where he was known as Sherpa. 

"And he had tried to call his dad that day, who couldn't get a signal at work," Fowler said. "Didn't know he tried to call, we found that out later."

When Kris went missing, he'd been hiking the Pacific Crest Trail for more than five months...starting in California on his way to Canada. He was last seen at the Cracker Barrel store near White Pass.

"He's always been really good at everything," Fowler said. "He did and was quite determined, so I knew he would finish."

But on the one year anniversary of his disappearance, there's still no sign of Kris.

And just two weeks ago, Fowler offered a $10,000 reward to find him on the "Bring Kris Fowler Home" Facebook page:

"It's just going to be very difficult to go through another winter without knowing," explained Fowler, "and I felt like perhaps a reward might get some new attention. Bring some people forward."

Tips are coming in, but so far they've been dead ends. But Kris's family remains hopeful that one day they'll find him.

"So we try to go on with daily life as best we can. It never leaves us for a minute."

Fowler has also reached out to dog teams to find Kris, but they can't go out unless they're invited by a search team. 

A day hiker did come forward saying he found items that may have belonged to Kris, but when search and rescue went out, they couldn't find him.

Meanwhile, tips can be made by calling the Yakima Sheriff's Office at 574-2500.

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