Thieves Use Blow Torch to Steal Construction Tools

KENNEWICK, WA- Recently NBC Right Now has reported construction sites seem to be a hot target for thieves who want to get their hands on something expensive.

A few months ago Richland Police recovered a large amount of stolen tools, and this week, Benton County Sheriff's deputies say it has happened again.

NBC Right Now spoke with the owners of this most recent theft on Tuesday, their site sits on the 11000 Block of South Cottonwood Drive. Not only did they have $3,000.00 worth of tools stolen, construction sites around the same area have dealt with the same crime in the last few weeks.

Doug Jennings says his crew always locks up the trailer after a day of work on the new home. But, last week somewhere between Christmas Eve and this past Monday, thieves put plywood up around their parked and locked trailer, using a blow torch to burn off the lock.

Jennings believes the thieves used the plywood to hide the glow and says neighbors did not even notice a thing, "You know when you get up, show up to work and it was like all the sudden nothing was there. When you are in a new residential area, you don't have people living nearby, it's hard to notice things."

Sadly, this is not even the first time this has happened to the Jennings construction sites. His crew has already had to buy $1,500.00 worth of supplies to get basic work done.

Luckily, the team has the stolen tools serial numbers, to identify them if there found. Police say it is always a good idea to keep those numbers in a safe place and take pictures of your tools. Because, like the Jennings, even if your stuff is locked up, sometimes that is not a guarantee.

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