Throwback Thursday: In 1950, Volkswagen begins production of the bus

UNITED STATES - On this day back in 1950, Volkswagen started production of the Volkswagen Type 2, otherwise known as the Transporter Bus. 

At the time this was the second vehicle that Volkswagen made; the Beetle was the Type 1. 

The VW Bus was reportedly the brainchild of dutch businessman Ben Pon, an importer of Beetles to the Netherlands who saw a market for a small bus and in 1947 sketched out his concept.

Volkswagen engineers further developed the idea, and in March 1950 the vehicle, with its boxy, utilitarian shape and rear engine, went into production.

The VW bus was referred to by some as a hippie van or bus. Some owners even painted colorful murals on their buses and replaced the VW logo on the front with a peace symbol.

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