Tips to keep your storage unit safe from burglaries

HERMISTON, OR - If you're a storage unit owner, it's time to keep a closer eye on your belongings. The Hermiston Police Department says they've seen an increase in storage unit theft.

What the police department has seen is burglars coming in, cutting the locks and then replacing them with new locks. By replacing the locks, the storage unit owners would never suspect a thing.

The department is looking into this issue, but for the time being they have some suggestions to offer.

1. Frequently check on your unit - officers say oftentimes owners will come after months of not checking in on their unit, and come to find a different lock on it.

2.  Invest in high security locks such as round locks - this will prevent burglars from being able to cut your lock.

3. Pay attention to the security at your storage unit.

4. Choose a unit that has an internal integrated lock for extra precaution.

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