Tri-Cities Rotary Club fundraiser packed with "fowl" play

KENNEWICK, WA.-- Saturday, people in Columbia Park were able to take a "quack" at the 28th Annual Mid-Columbia Duck Race! The event is a fundraiser for the six Tri-Cities Rotary Clubs, which come together to give back to anyone they can help, from local students, to towns in Thailand.

Every year, people look on, and cheer as 40,000 rubber ducks are released for a race down the Columbia River. Event-goers are able to purchase tickets, each of which has a corresponding duck, and, as per any race, the first duck to cross the finish line is the winner. 

This year, the man who pulled the winning duck's ticket, Connell resident, Bob Koch walked away with  more than just pride- he also won himself a new Toyota Prius!

Bob wasn't the only winner of the day, however! The Race was considered a big win for the Tri-Cities Rotary Clubs, as today was the first year they sold every single ticket. 

So far, the event has raised over $2,000,000, which is turned into grants and scholarships for charities and students. 

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