Tri-City cab company closing after 38 years

KENNEWICK, WA -  A popular Tri-City taxi company is shutting its doors after 38 years.  

A-1 Tri-City Taxi sent an email to NBC Right Now and Manager Alex Bedyoa wrote "due to unforeseen circumstances A-1 Tri-City Taxi will be closing and discontinuing all services effective at midnight on October 31."

Tri-City Taxi has been in business for 38 years and employed more than 60 staff members. Also, A-1 partnered with Ben Franklin Transit for 16 years, providing taxi services including taxi feeder, night service and Sunday service. These services will also stop when A-1 closes.  

Ben Franklin Transit also sent an email saying, "Ben Franklin Transit has begun working with local schools, employers, and other community partners, and is notifying our customers using all available means to form them of this development and assure them that we are aggressively driving toward workable solutions."

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