Truck trailer carrying asphalt tips and spills on I-82 westbound

RICHLAND, WA - A truck trailer carrying asphalt along I-82 between Richland and Benton City tipped over this afternoon, spilling the asphalt all over the roadway. One lane of I-82 had to be shut down for three hours.

There weren't any injuries this afternoon and it was just the one truck and its trailer involved, but the toughest part of the scene was the spill.

"For some reason, that pup trailer actually flipped over onto Interstate 82, causing asphalt to spill all over the right lane of the highway," said Trooper Chris Thorson with Washington State Patrol.

The trailer was hauling asphalt, and after it spilled it began to dry in the right lane of I-82 westbound, making for a messy cleanup for crews.

I-82 is back to two lanes westbound along the stretch, but just west of there is construction going on and in certain areas it does merge down to one lane near Benton City.

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