Two cross country athletes show great sportsmanship

LEAVENWORTH, WA - A video going around social media is showcasing the true definition of good sportsmanship.

The video shows two cross country athletes helping out a fellow competitor during a race a few weekends ago in Leavenworth.

Those two athletes are Clayton Chumley, a freshman from Selah High School and Diego Trevino, a senior from Davis High School.

Diego explains what happened during the race, "He sprained his ankle by like an awkward movement on his foot and he fell on the ground and hit his knee pretty hard and I told him if he was okay? He said, yes and got up and still kept going, but his body wouldn't allow him."

Both athletes say they put their competition aside to help someone in need.

"You know, I rather have pick that kid up and have him you know finish the race, and have a good day," said Clayton.

"I put myself in his shoes about having all that pain, and still wanting to finish the race so I decided just to help him," said Diego.

Clayton and Diego say helping out another runner is something they will never forget.

"I feel like we had a really good bond, even though really all we knew about each other was where we were from," said Clayton.

Both athletes hope this video sends a message to people.

"I hope this video influences other people to do what I did and help out others in their down times," said Diego.

"Just because we are on different teams doesn't mean that you can't help another person out, because at the end of the day we are all runners and we're all out there doing our best," said Clayton.


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