U-17 hydroplane hits the Columbia River for test runs

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Saturday the U-17 Miss Red Dot/Silver Cloud Inns unlimited hydroplane hit the Columbia River for some test runs.

The U-17 did its shakedown run, which means they tested their main package. The team is preparing for a race in Madison, Wisconsin in two weeks. The hydroplane tested out some different gear boxes and motors as well. All in all, the team says it was a very successful day on the water.

"The boat handled excellent. We didn't have to make any skid fin adjustments or rudder adjustments. It's a great boat. We were very, very good even here at Tri-Cities last year. We love coming out here and can't wait to do it again for the real thing. Having a successful test like this helps our confidence level undoubtedly. When we head to Madison we're going to have a full head of steam behind us and there's no stopping the U-17," five year driver Kip Brown said.

The U-17 heads to Madison in July for the season's first race. Then it is on to Detroit and then a return to the Tri-Cities for the Columbia Cup the last weekend in July.

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