Unique and fun entertainment you can find at the Central WA State Fair

YAKIMA, WA - If you've been to the Central Washington State Fair in Yakima, chances are you might have seen many of the pop-up entertainers on the grounds.

One of those entertainers is Sheriff See-More, a stilts act. See-More has been performing for years.

"I started about 7 minutes ago...I'm kidding, I've been performing with my partner over 30 years all over the country," joked See-more.

See-More isn't the only pop-up act at the fair. Other entertainers roam the fairgrounds looking to spread smiles and laughter. They're known as buskers.

"It's really fun because they're bringing the entertainment to the audience, instead of the audience having to come to the entertainment," said Eric Marcuse, entertainment producer.

Marcuse says this is the second year buskers have been at the fair. There are six total. Some of the most popular are Statue Man...

"They've seen the statues that are hard to tell if they're real or a statue and this one actually juggles, which is very unique," said Marcuse.

...The Urban Shaman, a musician...

"It's very interactive; he invites the kids to play with him, but he does rock, with a didgeridoo," said Marcuse.

...And the Acro Devils.

"They're from Portland, Oregon and they do acrobatic tricks, contortion and that kind of thing," Marcuse explained.

Whether you're sitting down at the family fun stage or waiting in line, you can always expect to see something exciting at the Central Washington State Fair.

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