Up close look at SUV Troopers say Jeremy Todd drove during hit and run accident

KENNEWICK, WA. -- You might remember two weeks ago when we brought you live to the scene of a scary car accident on I82. A family van rolled several times on the instate with three kids inside. 

Last Friday, Washington State Patrol arrested 35-year-old Jeremy Todd of Kennewick.

Troopers tell us a silver Mazda Tribute was the car Jeremy Todd was driving when he allegedly slammed into the back of a red SUV on Interstate 82. 

We pulled a picture of Jeremy Todd's Facebook page. Washington State Patrol confirmed that this is the man they arrested. And get this, Todd's drivers license is currently suspended. 

On the day of the accident, witnesses saw Todd pull over after allegedly hitting the van with three children inside. Witnesses say Todd walked up to the van, took a look inside, then calmly got back into his SUV and drove away. 

Troopers are very proud of their detective work putting the man they believe caused this accident behind bars. 

"The state patrol is excited," Trooper Chris Thorson said. "We put a lot of resources to this. We had multiple troopers, multiple detectives, wrote search warrants. So it's exciting to us to be able to help the victim's family."

You can see the front end of the Mazda is damaged. Troopers believe that happened in the accident. 

When troopers found the Mazda at Todd's house in Kennewick, it was parked outside and pulled up real close to the garage door. Todd apparently tried to hide the damage by putting trash cans on either side of the car.

Trooper Thorson says they're investigating to determine whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash. Todd also posted several pictures of marijuana on his Facebook page.


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