UPDATE: Four Eisenhower High School Students Detained After Causing Lockdown

YAKIMA, WA.- Yakima school leaders put Eisenhower High School on lockdown Wednesday after several students were believed to be passing a weapon.

The school was put on lockdown at 10:15 after police believed students were passing a gun, but they later discovered it was a pellet gun. 


We spoke with the school district and they told us police first believed it was a gun because it was so realistic. The student who brought the pellet gun to school was taken to the police station and three other students were detained by police for questioning. 


The school district told us the lockdown went smoothly and was resolved around 11:45. 

“Anytime there is a potentially unsafe situation at the school or in the neighborhood our policy is to go into a lockdown or modified lockdown. We are very proud of our relationship with the Yakima Police Department and they've been fantastic, as has Eisenhower leadership,” School District Spokesperson, Kirsten Fitterer said. 


This is the second school lockdown this year in the city of Yakima. There was another lockdown earlier this year at Davis High School, because of an incident at a nearby park. 

Bringing any type of weapon to school is a serious offense and the school district told us students that bring weapons to school would most likely be expelled. 


However they are still looking into what disciplinary measures need to be taken involving the students from today’s incident. 


PREVIOUS -Yakima Police say four students were detained after a student brought a pellet gun to Eisenhower High School and causing a lockdown.

The lockdown started around 10:15 a.m. and lasted until 11:45 once police finished sweep of school and did not find anything else.

Police say several students were found exchanging a weapon that was later discovered to be a pellet gun.

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