UPDATE: Registered Owners of Car Involved in Kennewick Hit and Run Arrested


KENNEWICK, WA- KPD says they have gathered enough evidence to arrest the two registered owners of the car that crashed into a fence at the Harley Davidson dealership Saturday night. 

Gregorio Benitez was arrested and booked for hit and run, providing false information to an officer. Vanessa Romero was also arrested and booked for providing false information to an officer.



KENNEWICK, WA- The Harley Davidson off of W. 19th is left assessing the damages after a 2013 Ford Explorer drove onto their property taking out their custom iron fence. 

The gate was thrown across the parking lot and numerous posts were ripped out of the ground. The driver and any passengers who may have been inside the vehicle took off on foot before police could get there. We talked with Officer Nebeker who told us at around 2:40 a.m. they got a 911 call that lead them to the scene, "what happened was when the vehicle got into the accident and the airbags deployed, it automatically called dispatch and the driver was not aware that his phone was on". 

Kennewick Police told us the call picked up the conversation inside the vehicle which narrowed it down to two males speaking Spanish. They also used the phone call to track where they went to after the scene. As of later Sunday afternoon, the suspect is the registered owner of the Ford Explorer and there is probable cause for hit and run and obstruction to property. 

As for Harley Davidson, Shawn Graham who is the Assistant Sales and Finance Manager told us, "hire security for our unopened hours, get a temporary fence built and get the custom fence finished up as well". 

This wasn't the first time someone had driven into their fence although Graham told us this was definitely the worst. This event comes as a reminder to always drive with caution. 

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