VIDEO: Pasco Woman Spots Fireball in the Sky

PASCO, WA - If you were up early Wednesday morning and had an eye to the sky, you may have seen something unusual.

Pasco resident Annie Parsons was out jogging early Wednesday morning when she saw a flash across the sky.

Parsons quickly tried to pull out her cell phone, but says she only caught the tail end of the fireball.

As far as we have found, this is the only video of the meteor or meteorite sighting that has surfaced so far.

"A few minutes before six, I just noticed this big bright... It looked like a really bright shooting star. But it was bright, had a big long tail, and it was pretty hard to miss," Parsons told NBC Right Now.

The meteor or meteorite, we're not sure if it actually hit, was moving from east to west. People in Oregon spotted the fireball.

There have also been several fireball sightings in San Francisco this week.

If you saw anything and took a picture of it, we would love to see it! Just send it in to

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