Water Follies 2013 Runs Smoothly

KENNEWICK, Wash.- After three days of Water Follies action at the Columbia River, there was not a huge difference in attendance this year, but the crowd helped things run a little smoother.

Kennewick Police Sergeant Ken Lattin said this year's Water Follies saw the best behaved crowd on record.

"This year in particular, I think was a Hallmark event for us. I think we can safely say, mission accomplished," said Sergeant Lattin. 

"Very few arrests, very few incidents, everybody was very well behaved which is all that we ask," he said, adding that one of the Kennewick Police strategies was simply being there in large numbers.

"We just want people to see that we're there, we're highly visible and we're there to take action if necessary," he concluded.

Kennewick Police made one DUI arrest, gave five citations for possession of marijuana or paraphernalia and wrote four people tickets for alcohol violations.

Michael Denslow said this year's turnout looked a lot like last year's which was an approximated 70,000 people.

Denslow also said it will take a while to get an exact attendance count for this weekend.

"The West end was really popular, the West end of Kennewick park we had a lot more people down there than we normally do," continued Denslow.

He also said the Pasco side looked like it got an increase in attendance too.

"With sequestration and the cutting back of the air show and not having the jets, we were trying to anticipate if we would have a drop off but everything looks very similar to last year so far," Denslow concluded.

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